Calysto Defense

Calysto Defense is a robust, multi-layered technology stack to protect your equipment and data from any and every angle of attack.

Threats to your workstations, network and data aren’t just abundant, they’re also constantly evolving to exploit any new vulnerabilities they can find. Things like Phishing attempts, outdated or obsolete apps, getting lax on updates, browsing higher risk areas of the internet, ransomware attacks and more.

Always more.

That’s a lot to stay on top of while you’re already busy taking care of your day-to-day responsibilities. So don’t let such a daunting task bog you down in the first place:

Let us take those concerns off your plate with Calysto Defense.

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Our technology stack includes:

  • Real-Time Evolving Defense Protocol – A fully autonomous program that uses machine learning AI to prevent attacks on your system. Should anything get through, it’s even capable of reverting any damaged caused by malware by literally ‘rewinding’ the code it executed.
  • Employee Protection –  We employ automated systems that can help train your employees to detect malicious links, phishing email attempts, imposter attacks and more.
  • Email Security – Another machine-learning system to scan emails received, detecting potential threats before employees even have a chance to open them. It will also auto-respond and block those email addresses for the future, so you don’t deal with the same bad actor twice.
  • Dark Web Scanning – The ‘Dark Web’ is the part of the internet that can only be accessed with specific software, configurations or authorizations. This is also where your company’s most sensitive data, (like passwords, private employee information, internal data and more), can be bought and sold if compromised. We regularly scan the dark web and make sure your internal data stays that way.