Calysto Secure Cloud

Calysto Secure Cloud

Calysto Secure Cloud: Constant Uptime. Constant Security.

For migrating your computer work to the cloud, keeping your data secure, and keeping it all backed-up, Calysto Secure Cloud is your company’s Cloud Computing Solution, using Enterprise-grade Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), built on proven technology from VMware, Cisco, and HPE.

Focused on business and mission-critical workloads, especially those virtualized with VMware, Calysto Secure Cloud provides the benefits customers expect from the cloud, but goes further by providing simplified onboarding, integrated management, and the familiar enterprise-grade technology needed to meet the needs of high-performance applications.

Through a proven and familiar VMware-based platform, we can deliver a consistent application and data protection experience focused on performance, availability, and security. With our simplified pricing, we can ensure that your IT needs fit into your budget, whether monthly or annually, to cover whatever suite of services you choose to employ.

Among the Benefits and Capabilities of Calysto Secure Cloud:

  • 100 percent Availability: All Day, Every Day
    Calysto Secure Cloud focuses on ensuring your company’s environment performs on the cloud the same way it does on the desktop in your office. We’re confident in the capability and stability of the Secure Cloud, and can commit to its operational stability with an audited 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement) providing continuous application uptime.
  • Uncompromising Security and Compliance
    With a dedicated team of experts, our security and compliance protocols for sensitive data and cloud service locations were built to meet global and geographic compliance requirements, complemented by a variety of built-in security features including VM encryption, integrated backup, anti-virus/malware, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning.
  • Comprehensive Planning, Onboarding, and Support
    We know the importance, and the challenges, of migrating to the cloud without disruption.
    Not all companies have the in-house resources, time, or interest in risking the potential downtime associated with moving critical applications and sensitive data off-premises.
    To help your business simplify the migration, The Calysto Group takes a comprehensive approach, including application resource planning & sizing, migration, training, and documentation. We also includes Premium Support with all services!
  • Simplified Pricing
    We want you to know exactly what kind of space you need to make in your technology budget, so to that end we’ve made sure to simplify pricing. For storage, computation, network, and the other costs usually tracked by several different providers, we get you a single price, on a single bill. This lets you easily forecast the cost of your IT needs over time, and ensure you meet your budget on a monthly or annual basis. With partner software pricing, specifically Veeam and Zerto, we’ve got a flexible approach so you can use our services in the way that best meets your business needs.