Hosted Phone Solutions

Get your business a Hosted Phone Solution that’s both reliable and flexible.

If 2020 has taught us anything, adaptability is paramount. You need your phone system up and running through everything from a random power outage, to managing communications during a global pandemic. The Calysto Group can bolster those operations with a Hosted Phone Solution to keep your communications reliable day-in and day-out.

To that end, we offer you the potential of 3CX: 

The Calysto Group is partners with 3CX, a leading PBX phone system used by companies like Pepsi, American Express, and The Holiday Inn. 3CX offers you maximum function and stability, at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone and competing Hosted Phone systems!

Make sure your phone system is one of the last things you have to worry about when it comes to business continuity.

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Some of the incredible features of 3CX include:

  • Employees on the road, or working remotely, call for free
  • Allow customers to chat, call or meet with you directly from your website
  • 3CX Live Chat & Talk: Completely free for you and your customers – no additional subscriptions or charges
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • On-Premise and Cloud Hosting
  • Easily add and manage extensions
  • Work remotely from anywhere
  • Launch calls directly from your CRM; integrate seamlessly with MS Exchange, Microsoft Outlook or Internal Phonebook
  • Updates and upgrades throughout the life of the service
  • App available for Android and iOS phones – work from anywhere!
  • Web and Windows communication client
  • Browser based video conferencing for all users
  • Full suite of enterprise features
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